Live video for Rocking Out

The second-last in the series of Game On nights was to be our last Herovision performance for a while. So no crowd-hyping was required. We had a lineup of sexy geeks pumped up and ready to go!

After the biggest performance yet from the Dark Side, with a whole stage of Sith, and the Dark Lord Vader himself overseeing a performance of the Dark Lord Ozzie’s “Paranoid”:

Herovision + The Empire: Black Sabbath – Paranoid from Herovision on Vimeo.


This was followed by some truly epic and spectacular performances, most notably from a Headcrab-wearing crew “Llamar Fire Aftermath” who treated us to the epic-est of all tracks in Rock Band 1: Boston – Foreplay/Long Time and The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Herovision: Boston – Foreplay/Long Time from Herovision on Vimeo.

Herovision: The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again from Herovision on Vimeo.



All videos from the night on Youtube.
Photos from the night on Flickr.

Game On Night 4 was kicked off by beautiful Brisbane popsters Little Scout, who made us super happy, and then stomped on a camera.

Little Scout – Dead Loss (Live) from Jaymis on Vimeo.

Little Scout, live at Game On Night 4

Fortunately our cameras are rockstar proof, so we were able to continue with the Rock Band/Herovision out-rocking, with some enjoyable (if not massively skillful) performances.

Herovision: REM – Orange Crush from Herovision on Vimeo.

All videos from the night on Youtube.
Photos from the night on Flickr.

I’ve been spending the holidays with the family, in a house which has a proper electronic drum kit, so of course we tried plugging it in to the Guitar Hero: World Tour kit. After googling around for a couple of hours I couldn’t find a list of the note values for the MIDI input, so I went through and found them by trial and error.

MIDI Note Number list for Guitar Hero: World Tour drum kit MIDI IN

0. Kick: 36 or 41
1. Red: 38
2. Yellow: 46
3. Blue: 48
4. Orange: 49
5. Green: 45

Playing World Tour drums on a higher-end kit is great fun, super accurate, if you’re looking for apartment-friendly drumming it can be even quieter than World Tour’s kit. Oh yeah!

The State Library’s second Game On night saw a little change of venue to the dim, theatre-esq library lobby, which gave a super cool mezzanine feel to the stage, and may have also caused the invasion from the Dark Side.

The Mask masks his voice = Fail

The Faces of Evil


Fortunately the rebels were able to deliver the security Holodisk safely to Herovision HQ, so we have video to commemorate those who fell.

Herovision + The Empire: David Bowie – Suffragette City from Herovision on Vimeo.

All the videos from the night are on Youtube.
Photos on Flickr.

The first of the State Library of Queensland’s Game On nights went off like a wookie in a cantina!

Hungry Kids of Hungary got the night revved up with sparkling pop croonings:

Hungry Kids of Hungary

Which were captured in glorious Herovision:

Hungry Kids of Hungary – Scattered Diamonds from herovision on Vimeo.

They were then followed by the Awesome Power of a Fully-Operational Rock Band setup, with a fantastic stage, great sound, and a crowd of skilled Rockers just aching to take the stage.

Herovision: Flyleaf – I’m So Sick

Herovision: Nirvana – In Bloom from herovision.

And of course some exemplary Cherub-Rocking from the Herovision crew:

Herovision: Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock from herovision.




The rest of the videos from the night are available at Youtube.

(And more photos on Flickr)

You always remember your first time, and we’ll definitely remember you, Brisbane. You were so gentle, yet so very Rocking!

Herovision Launch: Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds from herovision on Vimeo.

All the videos from the launch party are now online at Youtube, and some selected ones are available at higher resolution at Vimeo.

Super Massive Thanks go out to everyone at the State Library, and to everyone who came along and rocked with us. We look forward to rocking you again soon.

It finally happened! Herovision has left the studio and taken its first unsteady steps out on to the world stage…

Rockband, guitar, drums

… It then proceeded to jump all over said stage, kick over the speaker stacks, and then took the stage manager’s daughter home after the show.

Herovision, Stadium Style

More photos of the launch at flickr, and videos to follow.